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Dongguan Dosin Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
주요 제품:원형 커넥터 케이블, 푸시 풀 셀프 잠금 커넥터 케이블, lndustrial 머신 비전 케이블, 방수 커넥터 케이블, 기타 케이블 어셈블리
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Greetings from DOSIN - Located in Shenzhen • Dongguan • Wuhan


Welcome to DOSIN Group Ltd! Our slogan is Make Connection Easier.

DOSIN Connectors widely used in rugged and vibration environment, which will increase productivity and reduce production costs, and greatly help you to improve the quality and production stability of the overall industrialization and automation market.
As the top manufacturer and supplier of electronic connectors in China, we highly regard our products quality to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We believe our company can definitely provide more value to our customers.